Resveratrol Reviews – All Hype or Does It Really Work?

Resveratrol reviewsResveratrol is being called as the new science by many. It created a stir in the nutritional world when its positive role in cancer restriction, longevity, and weight reduction was first observed. Mostly Resveratrol Reviews are highly positive but let’s what is all about.

Ever since, the component has been the eye candy of geneticists. A lot of studies have been conducted to understand the working of resveratrol and how it triggers anti-aging gene sirtuin, yet still the matter is a hot debate among researchers.

Longevity or no longevity, Resveratrol has already proven itself by producing a wide array of benefits for its users. Without any doubt, resveratrol is a strong anti-oxidant and a very helpful one when it comes to weight loss, improving cardio-vascular condition and reducing joint inflammation. To understand how popular and known resveratrol is for its benefits, look what popular media sources have to say.

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Resveratrol Reviews by the Media

Resveratrol has made to every major TV channel or publication. The component got mass attention for the first time when CNN did a story on it in 2006; sharing results of a study funded by National institute of aging. As by the results of the study, resveratrol had a positive enhancing effect on metabolism and the life span of the mice.

resveratrol Next came the story by 60 minutes, explaining how resveratrol is a major breakthrough in health care. Story titled as: Fountain of Youth in a Wine Rx was published in 2009 and termed resveratrol as a “Pill that can mimic many of the effects of calorie restriction diet or exercise. A pill that in effect diets for you and can turns on the survival gene”.

It also included remarks from the most important Dr. David Sinclair, a Harvard professor whose life has been spent studying resveratrol effects on gene stimulation (His research lab has also been bought by pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline recently).

Dr. Sinclair says, “Resveratrol means making a 90-year-old as healthy as a 60-year-old and feeling as young as 40 years old”.

These two studies brought resveratrol into the limelight and the extract supplements became hard to keep on the store shelves. Also later, resveratrol Dr. Oz was recommended as one of the four top ways to enjoy healthy long life.


Resveratrol Clinical Support:

Positive effects of Resveratrol- the plausible answer to French paradox of eating high caloric food without heart complaints, is backed up clinically. In 2006, a lab experiment conducted on mice showed that resveratrol helped subjects to stop gaining weight even when over fed. Also the study revealed out of 144 mice, the ones fed on resveratrol had high aerobic abilities.

However, the first study conducted with humans using resveratrol wasn’t late until 2011. The study was published in journal Cell Metabolism and showed that resveratrol when administered by humans for 30 days can help to mimic calorie restriction effects, like in dieting. By triggering metabolism, human body simply burns more calories than stored and thus, achieves dieting or exercise effects.

In 2013, Resveratrol is back in news, as Harvard scientist confirms the longevity path. According to a study published in journal Science in March, after intensive research Harvard scientist have undeniably proved the direct effect of resveratrol over the enzyme SIRT1 which resets aging protein. As the cell clock is reset, so is their life span. It has also been proven that resveratrol helps to recharge battery mitochondrion that helps in effortless nutrient absorption and detoxification by the cells.

Above findings have far reaching benefits as in the field of skin rejuvenation, cardio-vascular condition and metabolism. As entire body system is refreshed, our overall health improves.



Resveratrol Reviews by the Users

The resveratrol reviews are mostly positive. It’s the 5th most common supplement in USA, and has grown to a business worth $31 million as by Nutritional Business magazine.

Mostly the reviews are stating:

-More energy felt, controlled appetite, low joint inflammation, more energetic, lost weight and fresher me.

A user of a very popular, resveratrol supplement has this to say about its benefits:

“I have been using resveratrol for 2 months now, and have been ingesting roughly 2 capsules of your 98% pure resveratrol product. I am relatively young (35), but have noticed strong improvements regarding my athletic performance. I’m sure it’s working I have lost weight and I will continue using it.” –Nancy L, 2011

There has been some complains too, but the Resveratrol side effects were short lived and not too severe to cause hospitalization. Such reviews mainly stated:

  • Stomach cramps after week of use,
  • diarrhea
  • low blood pressure
  • too much energy


Will Resveratrol work for me?

After the research of 2013 by Harvard University researchers, it’s pretty much evident that Resveratrol works. It has been working for French for so many centuries as despite of their high caloric intake like parmesan cheese, ricotta cheese, and French sweet delicacies, it has still kept their heart problems to minimal.

resveratrol side effects


As a weight reducing supplement resveratrol is bound to work because by nature it’s a strong anti-oxidant and anti-oxidants are known to enhance necessary nutrient absorption by the cells, giving them the needed energy to function more effectively and thus enhancing metabolism.

As metabolism is triggered, we burn more calories.

How to Buy Resveratrol?

 Buying resveratrol supplements is not an easy task. There are literally hundreds of brands of supplements available that are offering resveratrol. To select the right product consider these:

  • Buy from a reputable, known seller and do your research too
  • Buy 98%-99% pure resveratrol
  • Avoid brands offering very high dosage of resveratrol per serving live 1000 mg. Initially keep resveratrol dosage intake to low level like 500mg.
  • Avoid brands with proprietary ingredients, who knows what they are adding.
  • Brands with high percentage of Caffeine, allergen, aroma, fillers and binders shouldn’t be considered.

Precautions to avoid Resveratrol Side Effects

Before taking resveratrol, it is highly recommended to consult the doctor first to have your dosage set according to your physiology and tolerance. People on medications like ibrophen, Asprin or any other blood thinning med should avoid resveratrol as it can interact with those medications and may cause problems. Pregnant women are also advised not to take resveratrol.

In any case don’t take an over dose of Resveratrol (over dose is explained as above 1500 mg)

Resveratrol is a multi-purpose pill that can help us to feel and look young. The net of its benefits is widespread. People have using been it for more than 5 years and are sharing their success stories in hundreds of resveratrol reviews found on the internet.  

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